About company

«BINFIELD AGRO TEHNOLOGIES» is a modern, dynamic company in Ukrainian market, which provides agricultural manufacturers with quality products and services to increase the efficiency of crop production technologies. «BINFIELD AGRO TEHNOLOGIES» is the official importer and distributor of mineral fertilizers produced by COMPO EXPERT GmbH companies, by the group of companies ARVI, and of FERTIS brand complex fertilizers in small packaging.

We are constantly working on improvement of crop production technologies. Much efforts are dedicated to the organization of demonstration fields, where each interested in modern intensive technology customer can personally verify the effectiveness of any agro technological event. Scientifically based and cost-effective fertilizers systems are created on the demonstration sowings, depending on soil, climatic conditions and the biological characteristics of crops. Adapted to the specific conditions, systems of protection and foliar application are developed to maximize the productivity of crops. We study the questions of reducing the negative impact of stress factors on the plants through the foliar application of plant growth stimulants and antistress agents.


A reliable, professional partner of agricultural manufactures, which ensures a mutually beneficial cooperation for all parties.


Provide our customers with quality products and introduce modern agronomical, world-class methods into agribusiness in Ukraine.


Being flexible and competitive in the agricultural business sector, strengthen customers trust, develop cooperation, continuously improve the skills of employees, deepen their knowledge and improve working conditions to protect the company`s values.


CUSTOMERS. The activity of our team members is quite different, but we all have the same goal - to provide customers with quality services, products and technologies. We are open to new ideas and directions of cooperation and are ready to provide expert assistance to our partners at any time.

PROFESSIONALISM. Continuous learning, new opportunities search and dynamism of the company makes it possible to enhance the professional skills of our staff in order to take the most effective decisions and provide high quality services.

RESPONSIBILITY. This is the basis for generating trust. We fulfill everything we promise to the client. We recommend only what we believe in ourselves. Successful cooperation with the business partners proves we are responsible; we respect our customers and always strive to justify their trust.

We believe that the professionalism of our team and the trust of our customers are the key to success and welcome you to the cooperation!