Dear partners

BINFIELD company constantly works in the direction of modern technologies in the mineral nutrition of agricultural crops.

So, during the period from October 12 to 15, 2017, a working visit was made to the production facilities of the company COMPO Expert in Patras (Greece) in order to familiarize with the technology of increasing the efficiency of nitrogen fertilizer use by adding a product NovaTek Fluid UAN with the inhibitor effect to their composition.

Participants of the trip had an opportunity to learn more about the new technology of inhibition (slowing down) of the nitrification process, which makes it possible to reduce nitrogen losses in the nitrate form, due to washing in the lower horizons of the soil.

During acquaintance with this technology, the theoretical foundations of the nitrification process and the need to use the NovaTek Fluid UAN product were considered; The production capacities for processing nitrogen fertilizers with this product were inspected.

In addition, the participants of the trip were presented the preannual results of research carried out at the R&D center of COMPO Expert, which is located in Varva, Chernigiv region, on the application of NovaTek Fluid UAN with KAS for application on winter wheat and maize.

We thank to all the participants for their active participation in the trip.