Is a group of companies of agricultural sector and food industry with the Lithuanian capital, the group is successfully working in the areas of fertilizer manufacturing, fodder and sugar production, meat processing, disposal of animal origin waste and freight forwarding.

The main principles in the manufacture of mineral fertilizers are: the flexibility of the manufacturing process and the ability to manufacture a wide range of fertilizer`s brands, the use of high quality raw materials, and the possibility of combination in fertilizers of nutrients, bioactive substances and organic components.

ARVI FERTIS — is one of the largest Lithuanian manufacturers of mineral fertilizers and freight forwarding by rail.
Foundation year: 2001
Production capacity: 160,000 tons / year

ARVI NPK - is an enterprise of group of companies ARVI, which manufactures compound fertilizers and is located in special economic zone - Chernyakhovsk, Kaliningrad region.
Foundation year: 2008
The volume of production: 240,000 tons / year


COMPO EXPERT - one of the European market leaders in the production of mineral fertilizers. Company history began in 1956 in the German city of Münster, as a manufacturer of professional peat substrates. In the following decades, the company was actively developing as a business division of BASF, specializing in mineral nutrition of plants.

Today, COMPO EXPERT is a leader in the manufacture of special fertilizers for professional use under the brands Blaukorn, NovaTec, Floranid, Basfoliar and Hakaphos and others.

Mineral fertilizers by COMPO EXPERT Company are used by farmers all over the world for the cultivation of field crops, vegetables, and in the professional landscaping.

The company is a developer of innovative products, which are used for soil application, foliar application and fertigation. Due to the scientific and practical work of specialists of COMPO EXPERT the product line is constantly updated with new high-tech products.