Basfoliar Zn flo

BASFOLIAR FLO is a fertilizer with a high concentration of trace elements in the form of suspense designed for foliar application of crops. It is used to provide plants with available trace elements and to obtain high yields.


  • high concentration of trace elements that makes it possible to reduce the application rate;
  • high availability of elements due to the special technology;
  • 100% fast water solubility;
  • safety in use due to low electrical conductivity, which reduces the risk of leaf scald;
  • the ability of application in tank mixtures;
  • economy of logistic expense due to the high products concentration;
  • contain the adjuvants that ensures maximum efficiency in use;
  • fertilizers have prolonged action;
  • are not phytotoxic;
  • a unique COMPO EXPERT production technology;
  • maximum compatibility with other pesticides and fertilizers.

The principles and rules of foliar plant application

  • fertilizer elements are absorbed by the leaf surface only in the form of solution;
  • the absorption of the element is decreased with the increasing of size and charge of particles;
  • the absorption of nutrients is possible through the stomata, which take 1 - 2% of the leaf surface;
  • high rates of elements absorption at safe high concentration in the working solution and deficiency in a plant;
  • for maximum effect foliar feeding should be conducted under optimal conditions (temperature, addition of wetting agents or adjuvants ...);
  • it is required to carry out several applications during the growing season to provide the plant with nutrients effectively.

Absorption of nutrients out of fertilizer Basfoliar Flo by plant stomata

The method of production of mineral fertilizers Basfoliar Flo provides the optimal particle size (2-10 microns) for the penetration through the stomata.

Saving of expense due to the high products concentration

Fertilizers in the form of water solutions have a very low concentration of nutrients that increases the application rate of mineral fertilizers and logistic expense.

Basfoliar Flo fertilizers in the form of suspension have a high concentration of nutrients. This can significantly optimize expenses for transportation, storage and application.

Safety in the application for the plant

During the foliar application the electrical conductivity of the working solution is very important; it is defined by the presence of salt solution.

The high electrical conductivity of the solution increases the risk of leaf scald.

Due to the use of special high-quality raw materials for the production of mineral fertilizers Basfoliar Flo, a high concentration of nutrients and low electrical conductivity is achieved.

The recommendations for the preparation of tank-mix:

  • fill the spray tank for 3/4 full with water; turn on the pump mixer;
  • add plant protection products;
  • add Basfoliar Flo fertilizer;
  • in the case of carbamide application, it should be added in the last turn;
  • fill the tank with water completely.

Spraying is carried out when the pump mixer is on.

The amount of working solution for field crops is 150 - 400 l / ha, for the gardens is 800 - 1000 l / ha.

In the case of application in the tank mixtures with pesticides before application it is recommended to conduct a test on small areas.