Basfoliar Frost Protect SL

Basfoliar Frost Protect SL is a complex product with Boron content and physiologically active substances for the protection of fruit and berry crops in the flowering stage from damages by low environmental temperature, frost.

1. Total plant stress response to stressful conditions – the formation of free oxygen molecules (O2) or peroxide (H2O2), which destroy cell membranes and cause the death of cells.
2. Formation of ice crystals in the cells, which damage and destroy them.


The natural mechanism of plants protection against stress is the formation of antioxidants that block the negative effect of oxygen and peroxides on the cell. The most effective antioxidant in the plant is α-tocopherol (vitamin E), and phenolic acids. An important function of α-tocopherol is to preserve the functionality of the cell wall under stress conditions, including in freezing temperatures. One molecule of α-tocopherol may block up to 220 molecules of oxygen and peroxide.

During the formation of ice crystals in the cells their walls are damaged; that results in death of the cell, and in particular, the generative organs of the flower. This can lead to partial or even total loss of the crop. To reduce the damage of the plant tissues is possible by means of active substances - cryoprotectors, which reduce the likelihood of the formation of ice crystals. The most sensitive to frost are open flowers of fruits, young grape burgeons and young plants of vegetable crops.

The critical temperature for the young grape burgeons
The critical temperature for the young grape burgeons Т, °C, the death of 10 inflorescences Т, °C, the death of 90 inflorescences
1st leaf-2,8-6,1
2nd leaf-2,2-5,6
3rd leaf-2,2-3,3
4th leaf-2,2-2,8
The minimum critical temperature during the flowering of apple trees
Phase of development Critical temperature, °C
Green bud-3
Pink bud-2


  • α-tocopherol
  • cryoprotectors
  • Boron (B) 2.0%
  • Specific adjuvants to enhance the permeability and efficacy
  • Density: 1,05 kg/l
  • рН: 7,4


Basfoliar Frost Protect includes physiologically active substances which are absorbed by plants surface and are activated in tissues that can be damaged by low temperatures. This process usually takes about 24 hours. Therefore, the treatment of plants is recommended to carry out for at least per 24 hours before the onset of stressful conditions. The period of active protective action is from 7 to 10 days. In the case of occurrence of stress conditions after this period, it is recommended to carry out additional treatments.

Application of Basfoliar Frost Protect reduces the risk of damage by low temperatures of:

  • fruits and berries blossoms;
  • young plants of vegetable crops;
  • young burgeons and grape leaves.

The recommended application rate is 1.2 l/ha at the rate of consumption of working solution 200 l/ha. The concentration, which is formed under these norms and equal to 0.6%, is mandatory in order to maximize the effectiveness of the application.

In some cases there may be two-fold application at the rate of 0.6 l/ha at 5 - 7 days interval.